Preparation Guide

Preparing for a Scan

Our 3D scanning provides an immersive showcase. To ensure we deliver our services to the highest quality please read the checklist below:

1. Clean up

If the camera can see it it will be visable in the tour.  If you dont want it to be seen please pack it away if you can.  We are able to blur out certain items, paintings, photos alarm systems if desired.  Please inform your technician on the day of filming if you want to apply any blurring.

2. Items you should remove
Washing and washing baskets
Shoes on Floor
Magazines and newspapers
Close toilet seats
Restrain and pets or animals
Remove personal items you do not want to be in the scan such as family photos etc
3. Overall inspection
Imagine you are selling your house or presenting an area for inspection by a prospect. Ideally before the scan please complete the following:
Turn on all lights and lamps
Curtains and Blinds should be open
All internal door should be open
4. Stay out of the frame

Our 3D camera will capture everything it sees. If there are children present, please ensure they are supervised at all times.  

Please keep pets away as they tend to be very curious and as such could appear in every shot.  

Please inform staff that a scan is taking place and not to enter the space. Whilst a coffee is very much appreciated, we would rather complete an uninterrupted scan for you!


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