3D virtual data platforms for

Facilities Management

Increase ROI and reduce the costs of managing your facility’s design and ongoing maintenance 

See your building and infrastructure in new ways, giving you a much more detailed and accurate view into how your space is configured, where improvements can be made, and ways to enhance productivity and collaboration. 

Save time and money by reducing wasted resources and repeat visits to manage, maintain and service your facilities management sites.

Train staff remotely, share sites easily with 3rd parties allowing collaboration and optimisation of your facilities.

Capture your building in photo-realistic 3D to get more accurate and detailed information, helping to increase ROI, reduce costs, and save time.

With a single scan, we can automatically create 3D walk-throughs, 4K print quality photos, schematic floorplans,                                  OBJ files, point clouds, videos, and other media.

The 3d data platforms are easy to share and embed within your existing digital resources.  We host ensuring professional outputs and fast page and content downloads.

What You Get…

3D video tour of property allowing prospects to easily navigate and view in their own time across any connected device
Print ready photos, capturing HDR-quality 2D photos for online or print
Export OBJ files for Autodesk Revit and compatible with Xactimate
Schematic floor plans
3D measurements of your space with 99% accuracy
Social media sharable animates gifs and video clips ready to share

Facility Planning and Design

Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase and replace time-consuming manual measurements with a 3D point cloud or OBJ files that can be imported directly into your BIM software.

Design modifications and upgrades into your 3D render to see how things will work before beginning construction.

Capture dimensional data to document structure, above ground utilities, and equipment. 

Eliminate hand-drawn sketches and reduce the time it takes to deliver floor plans.

Improve collaboration between distant teams with a digital twin accessible from anywhere in the world.





Optimise Equipment Installation 

Use a Virtual Factory Layout (VFL) to measure between objects and see a flawless arrangement of the facility. 

Measurements can be taken at any point within a virtual data platform allowing complete control of requirements.

Save time and money by eliminating equipment clashes and change orders due to inaccurate site plans.

Engineers can inspect and measure up for a job at their desk to ensure first time fit and part management.

The virtual factory layout can be easily shared with suppliers and other collaborators.  Plans can be shared easily and conveniently through multiple remote locations.


Create Equipment Inventory

Create a visual record of the assets you have and other information such as user guides, safety certificates and links to other content such as operating videos.

Embed tags within the virtual data platform  to label equipment with digital tags to document repairs, maintenance, and training information.

Easily share and provide access to information with your maintenance personnel and suppliers.

Eliminate hundreds of documents needed to locate and keep track of maintenance data.

Find all relevant information to where specific machinery is located without having to depend on other personnel 



Train Employees

Share a 3D walk-through of your facilities with new or visiting employees so they can quickly understand your space. 

Allow new employees to find their way around an office or facility quickly and easily.    

Educate new employees on complex facilities — especially in hard to reach or potentially dangerous areas



Emergency Planning & Response

Increase situational awareness for employees and first responders in case of an emergency.

Create complete schematic floor plans, plan emergency routes, and response strategies.

Train employees and provide superior visibility to first responders in the case of emergency. 











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Facilities Management

Share with suppliers and contractors

 Ensure you have the right parts and sizes by using our measurement tool.

View on all digital platforms

 Fully VR ready content

Reduce the need for site visits


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