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Virtual Tours & 3D Mapping for Commercial Properties

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, the 3D Mapping Company data platform can increase commissions, engage a wider international audience, and close on properties faster.

By enabling your prospective clients to see your properties in 3D, you can stand out from the competition and provide an immersive experience that’s not possible with photos or video tours.

With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your commercial properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.  Our data platforms are ideal for remote decision makers and international investors.

By providing complete information about a property in an immersive, online format, you will shorten the deal cycle giving prospects everything they need to close.

When viewing commercial property on line, prospective customers can also measure any aspect within the digital content.  Customers are using this typically for machine placements and office space optimisation.

What You Get…

3D video tour of commercial premises, easy to navigate and share across any connected device

Print ready photos, capturing HDR-quality 2D photos for online or print

Export OBJ files for Autodesk Revit and compatible with Xactimate

Schematic floor plans and an amazing 360 ‘dolls house’ view of the areas

Measure anything within the digital content.  Ideal for machinary layouts or redevelopments.

Social media sharable animates gifs and video clips ready to share

Managed offices case study

Show off the full aspects of the commercial property you are selling, improving conversion and sales times = Less time holding empty stock.

Have better more sharable engaging content than your competitors

Create interactive information points to highlight features and link to other digital assets you may have

Provide a better experience for high value, time poor customers

Industrial/Warehouse case study

Stand out from 2D brochure content and a flat floor plan

Enable prospects to visualise how the space could really work for them

With our measuring tool any part of the building within the scan can be measured to help with machine placement or development of the site

Easily sharable content across email, all social platforms and your website

Office space case study

Walk round in your own time.  Zoom your tour with colleagues

Measure every aspect within the tour to help place equiptment and desks.

Engage international buyers as they view your properties without travel

Facilities management is simplified, and office branding quotes can be completed without site visits


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